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The foundation of Inceoglu Flour Mill extends back to 1944. The first flour mill, which had a production capacity of 25 tons/day, was established by Ahmet İnceoğlu, Baki Abalıoğlu, Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Ltd.


Inceoglu Makine Ticaret ve Sanayi Inc. became a partner of Denizli Flour Mills starting from 1965. In 1976, the current facility was built with the production capacity of 150 tons/day. Inceoglu Flour Mill always seek to impro- ve itself and the main goal of the company is to blend the 75 years of milling culture with modern applications in production.


In 2006, Inceoglu Makine Ticaret ve Sanayi Inc. started to launch its’ products under “INCEOGLUN” brand because of reorganisation. Daily production capacity has been increased to 300 tons/day with the new revisions. In 2018, In- ceoglu Flour Mill was rewarded with BRC Global Food Safety Certificate as a result of studious work in production quality management. Today, Inceoglu Flour Mill positioned itself as a brand that has been pursuing global quality standards. 

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